YCL - YOU change LIKES!

Just a personal suggestion to all of you!

Facebook likes are getting harder to get on You Like Hits, however there is a newish alternative website that has thousands of members and looks like it is soon to be the new Facebook liking leader!
It’s completely free to join and works along the same lines as You Like Hits (YLH).
Here’s the new Facebook Likes website!
Once I have had a play properly with the website, I will create a new iMacro for this website so you will be able to gain points on Auto-Pilot again.


Referrer-list updated ... for ARE 4.41

Small update for the Referrer-Missile 1.0, included in V4.41

October 26, 2012: we updated the referrer-missile to approx. 4000 URLs, they are automatically updated, when you run Referrer-Missile 1.0 - enjoy !


Alexa Rank Enhancer V4.41 incl. Referrer-Missile released

Howdy! New version available!

Please immediately updated your Alexa Rank Enhancer Version to the latest V4.41, which now includes "Referrer Missile 1.0". The "missile" will place your "footprints" on several thousand websites, too, maybe producing real human traffic to your websites. That may not impact your Alexa Rank, but will increase your real traffic for a certain amount.


Unbelievable drop in Alexa Ranking !

Wow ...

Check this

3 months ago ... 20 Million ranks started
After 3 months ... 465K
1 month: 190K

A website from one of my customers - he started 4 month ago with his new website .. Isn't that crazy? From 20 Million to 190K in 3 months!

Yipiieeeeeehhhhhhh! So Alexa Rank enhancer is really worth a try!


Swapes YouTube Auto Visit Bot

You know Swapes?
You need some Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, Website visits, Youtube Views/Subscribers etc.?

Take our bot, which automatically collects points at swapes for your account and you can spend it for several services at swapes.com - it's easy.

Let the bot run all day long to collect points and spend it at the same time for your website, project, video, Twitteraccount, Facebook page and much more!

Swapes YT Bot US$ 5

Alexa Rank Enhancer V4.3 Pro released

Here we go ...

Some improvements done to our bot ->

  • Proxy checker updated (faster use of working proxies)
  • More reliable anti-bounce feature
  • More stats about total loaded proxies and good proxies used
  • Spinning user agents (new feature)
  • some minor bugfixes to make the bot faster than before
  • Added new Alexa tracking codes
Example for one customer, using ARE 4.2 Pro:

 His website ranked 723.250 three months ago. Now his site ranks at 234.320!
For one of my personal sites, it dropped from 457.210 to 244.370 within 3 months period.

Nevertheless I believe that the limit will be around 150.000 for customers finally. It would require MUCH MORE traffic and proxies to get it below than that.

We are currently planning another version of this ARE 4.3 Pro, which should also solve this limit :-)


Skalfa / Skadate Unlimited Profile Creator available!

Now we are ready!

If you host a Skadate/Skalfa script software (online dating/matching), check www.skadate.com or www.skalfa.com, you might be in need of more profiles, to attrackt more visitors and members to your dating community.

t will create UNLIMITED Useraccounts on a Skadate Mobile site. You can specify which password to be set and which email suffix should be used, so EVERY account created will have same password and will have
an emailadress with e.g. USER2112 @ YOURDOMAIN.COM

You can use multi-threaded creation of accounts (e.g. 5,10, 20 at a time).

Software comes with a basic of 20.000 usernames, which are spinnable inside the software, so finally there won't be "unique" Usernames on several SkaDate sites ...

Edit: You can set, whether to create a FEMALE or MALE account and you can set whether this account is looking for a FEMALE or a MALE. So the solution could be:

- for gay sites: MALE seeks for MALES
- for lesbian sites: FEMALE seeks for FEMALE
- usual sites: FEMALE seeks for MALE
                  MALE seeks for FEMALE

It's also possible to start this software in several INSTANCES, so you could create profiles "MALE to FEMALE" and "FEMALE to MALE" (just an example) at the same time and each of them is running in several threads.

It's NO SCRIPT being run on your website, it's a software on your PC, running on WindowsXP up to Windows 7 - Microsoft .NET 3.5/4.0 required! The more memory you have, the more threads you may use for
simultanous creation of accounts.

Price for the software is: US$ 25.00 per Licence.

If you are afraid buying "Blind", I can first test it on your website and do a user-creation for 50 at first. If it works, unlimited accounts will work, too. Promised!

Edit: Thanks for your suggestions! We will implement the function to choose the country, for which the users will be signed in. Will take another 2-3 days. Customers who already purchased the Skadate UPC will get the update at no charge, too.


Update your Alexa Rank Enhancer!

First of all:

Thanks to all, who are using this tool and giving me positive feedback after all these weeks!

As I can see from logs and tracking, a lot of users are still using Version 1 or Version 2 of the Alexa Rank Enhancer.

A lot of things changed meanwhile ... I really recommend to update your software to the latest version. There were some important technical changes, which are relevant to you and your website.

ARE 4.2 Pro (Updated)

For all who have purchased the V4.1 we here go with the brandnew V4.2 Pro Version.


  • Integrated Proxy-Checker (running tasks much faster!)
  • Now supporting more than 50.000 proxy's (Auto-Download)
  • Enhanced Anti-Bouncing
  • Threads optimized (lower Bandwith and CPU usage)
Download the updated version from:


File is NOW passwordprotected! All customers, who paid for the former versions, will get an Email with the password to install the new incredible software!


Skadate Auto-Profile Creator MOBILE

Coming soon (maybe just another couple of days)

Hosting a website with Skadate.com / Skalfa.com script for online-dating?
Not having enough profiles? Too much bounce rates for visitors due to low
amount of profiles?

Create profiles on-the-fly: You can generate around 25.000 Profiles (mobile skadate site is must!) within 2-3 days only. And "re-run" the Auto-Profile creator again and again.

You can also use that tool for just testing your new Skadate community platform :-)

Price? It will be around 25-30 US$ finally!

Update: ARE V4.1 now available

October 1, 2012: New Alexa Rank Enhancer V4.1 available, new YouTube Video available (just short, easy, like the software itself) - thanks to customer Ralph H., doing that quick Video!

Alexa Rank Enhanver V4

After several updates, here is the current "final" version of the Alexa Rank Enhancer V4.

It now offers:

  • Proxy support (download of approx. 40K Proxies)
  • Anti-Bounce rate (staying on your website for a longer period to avoid increasing Bounce rates)
  • Support of 3 websites (should be all on same domain-name!)
  • Multi-Threaded support (up to 20 threads at the same time)
  • Google Analytics safe
  • Piwik safe (and safe for other statistics modules like awstats etc.)
Attention:  we receive countless emails from customers, who claim their Alexa rank isn't decreasing. Please be informed, that the Alexa Rank isn't calculated in Realtime (!), usually first success rates should be online after 1-2 weeks, but it's recommended to run the software daily.

For one new website (I'm working for), Alexa Rank dropped by 2.1Mio to 751K within 1 month finally. The more you use the tool (daily!), the more updates your rank will get.

Important: You must CLAIM your website at www.alexa.com - it's strongly recommended. You only have to download at specific html-validation file onto your website domain to verfify the ownership. Don't forget to do that important step. If you haven't done it now, do it now!

Alexa Rank Enhancer V4 can be obtained here: http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/190003018-alexa-rank-enhancer-v4

Price is US$ 5,00 only ... Why so cheap? I'm just sharing it with you: this "bot" was created by me for personal / business purpose and tried it for a certain time with success.

What's the difference to other Ranking tools?  Why I made my own bot ... I was pi..ed off the other tools offered for free or paid versions in the Internet. Once I found out, what they do, I decided to make my own "clean" one. The other bots made visits and pings to vunerable websites, containing viruses and trojans and finally working by 80% for the developpers own rankings and websites.

You are welcome to leave your messages here and/or your feedback. I don't recommend to place your website here with your success of Alexa ranking enhancements :-) - don't know, if Alexa is checking this blog anytime.