Alexa Rank Enhancer V4.3 Pro released

Here we go ...

Some improvements done to our bot ->

  • Proxy checker updated (faster use of working proxies)
  • More reliable anti-bounce feature
  • More stats about total loaded proxies and good proxies used
  • Spinning user agents (new feature)
  • some minor bugfixes to make the bot faster than before
  • Added new Alexa tracking codes
Example for one customer, using ARE 4.2 Pro:

 His website ranked 723.250 three months ago. Now his site ranks at 234.320!
For one of my personal sites, it dropped from 457.210 to 244.370 within 3 months period.

Nevertheless I believe that the limit will be around 150.000 for customers finally. It would require MUCH MORE traffic and proxies to get it below than that.

We are currently planning another version of this ARE 4.3 Pro, which should also solve this limit :-)

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