Alexa Rank Enhanver V4

After several updates, here is the current "final" version of the Alexa Rank Enhancer V4.

It now offers:

  • Proxy support (download of approx. 40K Proxies)
  • Anti-Bounce rate (staying on your website for a longer period to avoid increasing Bounce rates)
  • Support of 3 websites (should be all on same domain-name!)
  • Multi-Threaded support (up to 20 threads at the same time)
  • Google Analytics safe
  • Piwik safe (and safe for other statistics modules like awstats etc.)
Attention:  we receive countless emails from customers, who claim their Alexa rank isn't decreasing. Please be informed, that the Alexa Rank isn't calculated in Realtime (!), usually first success rates should be online after 1-2 weeks, but it's recommended to run the software daily.

For one new website (I'm working for), Alexa Rank dropped by 2.1Mio to 751K within 1 month finally. The more you use the tool (daily!), the more updates your rank will get.

Important: You must CLAIM your website at www.alexa.com - it's strongly recommended. You only have to download at specific html-validation file onto your website domain to verfify the ownership. Don't forget to do that important step. If you haven't done it now, do it now!

Alexa Rank Enhancer V4 can be obtained here: http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/190003018-alexa-rank-enhancer-v4

Price is US$ 5,00 only ... Why so cheap? I'm just sharing it with you: this "bot" was created by me for personal / business purpose and tried it for a certain time with success.

What's the difference to other Ranking tools?  Why I made my own bot ... I was pi..ed off the other tools offered for free or paid versions in the Internet. Once I found out, what they do, I decided to make my own "clean" one. The other bots made visits and pings to vunerable websites, containing viruses and trojans and finally working by 80% for the developpers own rankings and websites.

You are welcome to leave your messages here and/or your feedback. I don't recommend to place your website here with your success of Alexa ranking enhancements :-) - don't know, if Alexa is checking this blog anytime.


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