Skalfa / Skadate Unlimited Profile Creator available!

Now we are ready!

If you host a Skadate/Skalfa script software (online dating/matching), check www.skadate.com or www.skalfa.com, you might be in need of more profiles, to attrackt more visitors and members to your dating community.

t will create UNLIMITED Useraccounts on a Skadate Mobile site. You can specify which password to be set and which email suffix should be used, so EVERY account created will have same password and will have
an emailadress with e.g. USER2112 @ YOURDOMAIN.COM

You can use multi-threaded creation of accounts (e.g. 5,10, 20 at a time).

Software comes with a basic of 20.000 usernames, which are spinnable inside the software, so finally there won't be "unique" Usernames on several SkaDate sites ...

Edit: You can set, whether to create a FEMALE or MALE account and you can set whether this account is looking for a FEMALE or a MALE. So the solution could be:

- for gay sites: MALE seeks for MALES
- for lesbian sites: FEMALE seeks for FEMALE
- usual sites: FEMALE seeks for MALE
                  MALE seeks for FEMALE

It's also possible to start this software in several INSTANCES, so you could create profiles "MALE to FEMALE" and "FEMALE to MALE" (just an example) at the same time and each of them is running in several threads.

It's NO SCRIPT being run on your website, it's a software on your PC, running on WindowsXP up to Windows 7 - Microsoft .NET 3.5/4.0 required! The more memory you have, the more threads you may use for
simultanous creation of accounts.

Price for the software is: US$ 25.00 per Licence.

If you are afraid buying "Blind", I can first test it on your website and do a user-creation for 50 at first. If it works, unlimited accounts will work, too. Promised!

Edit: Thanks for your suggestions! We will implement the function to choose the country, for which the users will be signed in. Will take another 2-3 days. Customers who already purchased the Skadate UPC will get the update at no charge, too.

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