Alexa Rank Enhancer V4.71 released!

updates updates updates :-)

Version V4.71 released:

Changes: Built-In Transparent Proxy Checker (using ALL working proxies does not make sense and wastes time, as your REAL IP is still displayed against Alexa, even if using proxies)
Built-In "MyIP" Checker: checks your "real Internet-IP" against proxy being used and checks whether it's transparent to Alexa or not
Opened the thread-level to up to 100 (for me, on an Octagon, Win7 64bit, 8GB RAM only 20 threads work stable and reliable, but it's up to you to test more threads)
Checks the current Alexa Rank for your site and stores it in same folder into alexa.txt, which you can check frequently for changes (oldest entry on top, latest at the bottom)
Some more stats about proxies (transparent AND bad ones, good ones, threads being used at the moment etc.)

Some side notes: I experience a slower rank-update at Alexa. Sometimes it changes after a few days, sometimes after 1 week earliest. I have NO chance to speed up the update of Alexa, but hits and "triggers" are counted
at Alexa finally. Usually after 1 week you should see (hopefully) dramatical changes for your website. For my personal tests ranks are possible for around 150-180K. Keep in mind, when you reach this level that it might
go up again, if you don't have real traffic with Alexa Toolbar Users OR if you don't use the Alexa Rank Enhancer tool.

NEXT: TrafficWheel -> an "unique" piece of software, which can be used by everyone, who wants to have better rankings for his website. The user will rank up his own website AND websites from other users, too, when
using TrafficWheel. Coming soon ... being continued ...

In future updates Alexa Rank Enhancer will be connected to a specific webpage only. As I kept my software quite "open" to everybody, a lot of people shared this software elsewhere for free download at forums. I will block
unregistered websites connected to Alexa RankEnhancer finally, so software might run, but won't influence Alexa at all. That's a protection for all of you, who paid for ARE 4.x so far. Thanks for supporting!

You will miss the referrer-missile and the YCL-bot in version 4.71, yes. I did not forget it, but since some of you got in trouble with multi-tabs, I decided to split them up into different files now, should be easier to handle, right?

All users should have received an Email already with the download link for ARE V4.71 - in case, you did not receive it, send us an Email !

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